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Brookers have been breeding horses and cattle on Main Camp for over 100 years. In the early years the focus, as was then traditional, had been on sheep for wool, with cattle as a sideline. The property still retains one of the oldest working shearing sheds in the area, with an engine installed in 1904.

As the 20th century progressed the focus moved to cattle, with initially a mixed herd. In the 1920s Australian Angus were added to the breeding programme and with their quality showing through, by the 1950s they had become the focus.

The family have been a Member of the Angus Society since 1961, as a Commercial Breeder.

Muscle and temperament have always been the focus in the breeding programme – whether female or male all animals have a high level of muscling. With paddock calving rates of about 97% we have never seen a problem with retaining muscle in our females.

Main Camp Rouchel
Main Camp Angus

Main Camp Cattle

With bloodlines taking in some of the greats of the Angus Society including Milla Murra, Eastern Plains, Ben Nevis, Kansas and Wattletop, Main Camp Angus have a long history of breeding quality well-muscled animals that meet market specifications.

Main Camp Australian Stock Horse Stud

Main Camp Horses

Main Camp is a well recognised Australian Stock Horse stud, with over 200 horses registered with the Main Camp prefix. Main Camp horses have competed in all ASHS disciplines over the years, with an emphasis on campdrafting and polocrosse.

Our Philosophy

Our cattle philosophy is to breed highly muscled quiet cattle suitable for the end market through genetic testing and visual performance.

Our horse philosophy is to breed quiet versatile horses suitable for the whole family in any discipline.

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